DanceMode Movement Studios

where healing meets dance vernacular

Oak Street Building, 232 SE Oak St (just behind Sheridan Fruit Co.)


Portland, OR


I am managing a studio space that’s great for private sessions, practices, small group classes, and photography – there is great light reflected from the white building across the road and is good for photography sessions.  The room is about the size of the old Lenora’s studio upstairs that was in the hall of Lenora’s Ballroom (the Blue Room).
It’s a great artist and office space, actors, belly dancers, drummers, and more. Oakstreet Building 232 SE Oak, just behind Sheridan Fruit Company.
Please pass this on to dancers and instructors looking for space.  Great for yoga, qi gong, movement training, acting, dance, community classes, meetings, weekend workshops, etc.
My long term vision is to add some fabric curtains to absorb echoing, mirrors w/ drapes, sound system for larger groups, yoga matts, frosted windows, and more.  Please come check out the space.  I will have some open houses as the month goes on.
I am available for private and small group sessions in Movement Training or Social Dance Training.

Weekly Mind/Body Sessions

Mondays 5pm – Continuous movement class where you wake up all of your body parts.

Wednesdays 5pm – Slower paced exploration of targeted body parts each week.

DanceMode Movement studios is expanding in the Oakstreet Building.  We’re looking to take on a larger space in the same great artist building on 2nd and Oak.  It’s a big commitment and community service to manage these spaces for the communities use and subsidize their rents.  Please help us provide movement spaces for the community by pre-booking an immersion, lesson package, or rental.

  • Maintenance Package of 10 lessons, 50 min. each $600
  • Self-Care Package of 10 lessons, 80 min. each $1000 (recommended for those looking to improve body function and postural alignment as well as movement education and dance training)
  • 10 private hours for $100 (within one month)
  • 10 weekend hours $200 (within one month)

DanceMode Movement Studios Rental Fee Schedule

  • Consistent Prime-Time Rental* (5pm-Midnight Mon-Fri) $20 per hour
  • Consistent Day-Time Group Rental* $15 per hour (5am-5pm, Mon -Fri)
  • Consistent Day-Time Private Rental* (5am-5pm, Mon -Fri) $12 per hour, 10/ month for $100
  • Consistent Weekend Rental** $22 per hour, 10/month for $200
  • One-Time Workshop/Weekend Rental*** $25 per hour
  • One-Time Prime**** $25 per hour
  • One-Time Day-Time**** $15 per hour

*Defined as a minimum of 2 consistantly day & timed uses at least 2 weeks per month

**Defined as at least one use per month at any consistant time on a Saturday/Sunday [Note: consistent wknd renters subject to displacement from their timeslot w/ at least 2 wks notice, not to exceed one occurrence per month]

***Returning workshop hosts will may receive priority and potential discounted rates

****Subject to management availability and generally only available to renters with a prior rental history at DanceMode