Following you will see a sampling of recent classes appropriate for workshops. These classes represent an evolving body of work. Please contact me for final descriptions for any given event. Thank you!


Base Movements for Blues – Let’s Get Groovin’
Learn several foundational Blues grooves and transitions to create combos.

Beginner/ Intermediate

Up-beat, Down-beat, In-Between Beats
In this class we will explore base rhythms for blues, how they fit together to create our dance, and how to lead and follow improvised rhythms effectively.

Integrated Isolations
Isolating is about control of movement and using combinations of muscles to create a specific effect. We will practice moving various sections of the body in a way that looks and feels cool, relaxed, and musical, then integrate the movements into our partnering.

Any Level

Stretch & Leverage
How to get that yummy connection and dynamic musicality at the same time, truly expressing tension and release through the control of your timing.

Latin Rhythm Blues
How do you use those juicy Latin steps without screaming “Salsa Dancer”? If Night Club TwoStep dancers can do it, so can you! Learn to recognize underlying rhythms in Blues and Contemporary Music that call for movements found in Latin dance. We will introduce common Latin steps and use them to a variety of songs keeping the aesthetic true to the music.

Intermediate/ Advanced

Isolations & Solo Movement to Enhance Your Partnering Experience
We will get you movin’ and groovin’ as you try on a variety of undulations and movement sequences, then we will work with partners for a dynamic interaction!

African Roots of Blues
We will learn several African based movements for blues then put them into our partnering in various contexts.


Twist & Turn ‘Til Your Head Spins!
Learn challenging combos that will emphasize effective use of posture, balance, and rotation. Frame changes, direction changes, and dynamic changes will all be incorporated into sequences.

Partner Required

A style of slow partnered dancing; originating with Ballet, this form of dancing includes supported movements and lifts or turns. We will teach you a sequence that includes the technical break down to accomplish the individual parts, as well as understand the flow of transitions.

Any Level

Shuffle, Boogie, Rumba, Boogaloo, & More – Dancing to Various Types of Blues Music
There are many styles of Blues featuring unique rhythm patterns. We will play some common songs, help you identify the style, then match movements that work well with those type of musical structures.

Shuffle, Boogie, Rumba, Boogaloo, & More Part II – Dancing to Various Tempos of Blues Music
Now that we’ve started moving with the music we can add variations and pick up the pace. We will delve deeper into moving in a way that truly illustrates the music and give you some basic structures to work with in.

Boogie & Shuffle
This class will get you rockin’ and rollin’ with fun footwork variations for Blues Dancing.

Rumbas, Swamp Groove, & Boogaloo
Getting down to Latin grooves without looking like a Salsa dancer. Many Blues songs are based on Latin rhythms. Expand your repertoire and improve your musicality with steps and rhythms that really jive with the music of popular songs we all dance to.

Strut ‘n’ Stroll
We’ll take it easy after lunch with some slower steps to Stroll and Jazz music. We’ll put the cool in your steps with these fun walking variations.

Dancin’ It Out
Now that we’ve got the moves and the grooves let’s see if we can groove while movin’ and get our mojo working with a partner. We will work on the basic structures to lead and follow while keeping the improvisational and conversational aspects going.

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