How do I host a workshop with Brenda?

The most important factor is to set a vision for the weekend.

What do you want to accomplish with your workshops?

Who you want the students to be?

What do you want to students to get out of their investment?

The number of students, the number of hours of classes, and an overall dance goal guides the direction of the workshop. Share your vision with Brenda and she will work with you to create a workshop schedule and classes tailored to your community.  Once you’re ready to book a workshop, check Brenda’s availability on her Calendar.  Then go ahead and contact us via the Contact Page.

Book a Workshop

U.S.A. Rates (for International Rates see below.)

*Weekend Workshops*
Weekend workshops have a minimum of 10 teaching hours.  Brenda’s workshop rate is $150/ hour, making a $1500 minimum.

*Single Day Workshops*
Single Day workshops have a minimum of 6 teaching hours.  This makes for a $900 minimum.

*Evening Workshops*
Evening workshops have a 2 hour minimum.  This makes for a $300 minimum.

(Certain events will involve travel, housing, and food expenses **see below for details**. Again, please feel free to contact me to discuss.)

Travel/ Housing/ Food

If hiring Brenda to travel to a city, an organizer will need to cover travel costs from door to door (Southwest Airlines in the U.S.A. & Delta Airlines internationally) as well as housing (a room with a door and a bed).

If food is not provided, the organizer will provide a food per diem (50 per full day worked). 20 dinner, 15 lunch, 15 breakfast, beginning on the first day of work (typically Friday night).  Brenda is often able to book tours, combining nearby cities and sharing the travel costs, which makes an event affordable.

Additional Rates

*DJ Rate*
$50 hourly

*Performance Fee*
$100 per performance.




The total amount will be due by noon of the first full working day.  The per diem amount of $50/ full day, 20/dinner, 15/lunch/ 15/breakfast is due upon arrival.

Payment Details

*Domestic Payments*
If hired in the U.S.A., cash is the preferred method of payment.  The total amount will be due by noon of the first full working day.  The per diem amount of $50/ full day is due upon arrival.

(If she is hired for Friday evening workshop, plus Saturday & Sunday full days, payment including flight reimbursements and fees is due by noon on Saturday.)

*International Payments*

Brenda’s hourly international rate is €150.  Above listed minimum workshop hours apply.