We offer three unique classes designed to get you moving and connect the mind, body and spirit.

Recharge It's not only phones and computers that need to be plugged in at the end of the work day. We need to plug-in too! This class utilizes various medical qi gong practices to find your center, connect deep within, balance the body's energies, and build qi for increased energy, and temperature balancing. Balancing, Breathing, and Core Strengthening. 

Awakenings is our mind/body movement session, designed to facilitate connection and awareness  in the body. Utilizing Franklin Method along with other mind/body and restructural training methods Awakenings promotes awareness, efficiency, flexibility, relaxation, injury prevention, mindfulness and strength.

Spirit Alive shake off unwanted stress and anxiety. Awaken the spirit, charge the life force within, experience communion with your soul. We use a combination of inspiring playlists and live percussive music, breath work, and varied movements in a 60 min moving meditation.

DanceMode classes take place in our 4th floor Star Studio.
Oak Street Building, 232 SE Oak Street, Portland, Or 97214
$10-$25 sliding scale


5-6:30pm- Spirit Alive
6:30-7:30pm- Recharge


5-6:30pm- Awakenings
6:30-7:30pm- Spirit Alive

Katsu Tanaka, Student

I always feel so refreshed after Brenda's class. She has extensive knowledge about body movement and human energy flow. I have taken many other body movement classes but her class is just really a different level. Anyone who has taken her class can really feel a positive difference in energy flow in their body. 

Natalia Hoque

Self-care has become essential to help balance stress and daily life.  I check in with myself by asking, "Will I regret not following through with a decision ten years from now." So far I have attended Brenda‚Äôs classes for over four years. This decision has made a big difference in my life and no regrets! 

232 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214