We offer a variety of sessions, designed to get you moving and connect mind, body and spirit.

SpiritAlive! - DanceMode's Moving Meditation for Mind, Body, Spirit

A 50 min moving meditation for mind, body, spirit. We use a combination of Qi Gong warm-ups, Afro, Jazz, Blues, and Latin Dance, American Aerobics, Dunham Technique, Brain Wave Vibration, Brain Exercises and more… to move all of the joints in the body, massage all of the organs, reset the brain hemispheres, build neural pathways, build strength and vitality, improve coordination, and open the body to move in as many ways as possible.

Extend! - DanceMode's Extension and Tone Session

In our daily lives the uses of our body are often few, and lacking diversity compared to the capacity of our wild nature. Reaching from eyes, limbs, organs. Imaging animals, activities, elements, as inspiration for moving into a broader physical state of possibility. Whether it is looking far and stretching your eyes, or moving into inversions and strength poses, there is an opportunity to stretch out and expand our power and movement potential through extending, leveraging, and rooting the body.

Recharge! - DanceMode's Qigong

It’s not only phones and computers that need to be plugged in at the end of the work day. We need to plug-in too! Recharge! utilizes various medical qi gong practices to find your center, connect deep within, balance the body’s energies, and build qi for increased energy and temperature regulation. Core strength and breathing can improve as a result of this practice.

Awakenings! - DanceMode's Self-Care Session

Mind/Body sessions designed to facilitate connections within your own body, developing more awareness, efficiency, flexibility, relaxation, alignment, injury prevention, mindfulness, strength, and overall improved experience of your body and mind.

Features the Franklin Method along with other mind/body and re-structural training methods.

Erotic Awakenings! - DanceMode’s Sacred Sexuality Sessions

Based on Daoist medical sexual Qi Gong practices and ancient spiritual traditions. All of our body systems need a balance of strength and flexibility. Regular exercise and release work maintain a healthy tone and functionality.  We will use a variety of exercises, massage/release work, qi gong forms, mindfulness meditation, vocalization, and strengthening poses to maintain a healthy sexual system and improve overall vitality.

Sensational! - DanceMode's Self-Touch Session

A more sensual version of our Awakenings! session that doesn’t require equipment, Sensational! delves into the pleasurable side of self-care, caress, press, glide, tickle, scrub, pull, taste, smell your way into an enhanced state of relaxation.

To all of those people touch deprived and lonely come give yourself some self-touch and self-care with me.. We will enjoy massaging and moving together.

Bring a mat, towel, and your favorite oil. Coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, or even olive oil are nice. Lotion can work too.

Bring some comfy things to make a nest with, burn some incense or light a candle.

Make a nice aromatic pot of tea
A citrus beverage

Let’s get creative with how we can indulge our senses.

Enjoy! - DanceMode’s Joy of Cooking

Food and water are our number one primal need. Why then do we resent having to prepare and cook, struggle to consume nourishing foods, and overindulge in foods and substances that deplete our health?

What we put into our body affects every aspect of our wellness, nutritionally, physically, mental health wise, financially.

In these short clips Brenda shares the simple ways she interacts with food, beverages, and substances to provide energy, cell and tissue health, mental health, and pleasure.

Social Dance Series – DanceMode's Four weeks series with rotating dance forms

Go deeper into your dance technique. Each month the dance genre will change. Sessions will be recorded and shared with Members at this level to watch for several months. Examples include: Balboa, West Coast Swing, Salsa, Blues. These will be offered via membership ($60) and via one time payment ($80).

Payments and Membership:

We are using Patreon to build our community. DanceMode Live! memberships are offered at rate of $30 per month. You get both for $90 which is less then the cost of one private lesson for over 20 hours a week of material with recorded playback and personal feedback. Private lesson packages for going deeper are also available. If you are in financial need at this time please contact us about discounts, work trade, or scholarships. Because we place a high value on the quality of the session container we have decided not to sell access to single sessions but rather develop a community of participants engaging together.

Once you register on Patreon, read our welcome letter, and fill out our survey, you will be added to the shared calendar and sent a list of the weekly links. Some of our sessions may have size limits.  As we continue to develop our online community we will adjust the schedule and the pricing to match what works best.  Change will be announced here, on Patreon and on Facebook.

If you would like to purchase a single series, individual privates or a package they can be purchased on our Square Store.

Online Access:

We use Zoom meetings for our events currently.  Once you are a member or purchase a one time intensive or private you will be shared a private link for access.   Detailed instructions are located here: How To Join DanceMode Sessions

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Online Sessions

  Pacific Standard Time


Mondays 5:00pm – Recharge!

Mondays 6:00pm – Spirit Alive!

Tuesdays 10:15am – Spirit Alive!

Tuesdays 11:45am – Extend!

Wednesdays 11:00am – Awakenings!

2nd and 4th Wednesdays 11:00pm – Recharge!

Thursdays 10:15am – Spirit Alive!

Thursday 11:45am Recharge!

Fridays 11:00am – Sensational!

1st & 3rd Saturday 1am – Recharge!

Saturday 10:15am – Spirit Alive!

3rd Sunday 11am – Erotic Awakenings!


Mondays 11:00am – Social Dance Series

  Central European Time


Tuesdays 7:15pm – Spirit Alive!

Tuesdays 8:45pm – Extend!

Wednesdays 8:00pm – Awakenings!

2nd and 4th  Thursdays 8:00am – Recharge!

Thursdays 7:15pm – Spirit Alive!

Thursday 8:45pm Recharge!

Fridays 8:00pm – Sensational!

1st & 3rd  Saturday 10:00am Recharge! 

Saturday 7:15pm – Spirit Alive!

3rd Sunday 8pm – Erotic Awakenings!


Mondays 8:00pm – Social Dance Series

3 weeks ago I had no idea, how many bones, joints and muscles work together in my body and how gracefully they can move. Brenda introduced me to them with deep and at the same time so simple and gentle methods, that I began to honor and enjoy my body in a way I never expected to be capable of. Qigong Movement training, effective self care tools and joyful dance workouts – actually the artful combination of all three of them together for me became the perfect playground to rediscover the beauty of movement.


Lennart, from Germany

I always feel so refreshed after Brenda’s class. She has extensive knowledge about body movement and human energy flow. I have taken many other body movement classes but her class is just really a different level. Anyone who has taken her class can really feel a positive difference in energy flow in their body.
Katsu Tanaka, Student