DanceMode Movement Studios

Community Arts and Healing Spaces

Oak Street Building, 232 SE Oak St. Ground Studio 104

425 SE 3rd Ave. Star Studio 404 & Cloud Studio 403

Portland, OR

About the spaces

DanceMode Movement Studios offers a wide variety of movement and educational classes, as well as affordable spaces for healers, artists, and movers to explore and express in.  Connect Mind-Body-Spirit in spaces that offer a haven from the bustling world around to delve within, to be.

Our spaces are available for solo and small group work and events. 1-30 people is ideal in the spaces, possibly more for a concert, dance, or practica.

Great for Movement, Photography, Videography, Body Work, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Concerts, Educational Classes, Acting, etc.

Contact Brenda Russell 503-998-7417 (text preferred), or at

Sliding scale and usage based rates from $10-50 per hour.

For studio availability view the calendars for Dancemode’s Star Studio 404 and Ground Studio 104.

Please allow ample time for group classes to exit and next group to enter between events. 15-30 minute grace period is suggested, however not required, for back to back group classes. It is common for group classes to take 10-15 minutes to clear out.

Studio Specs

  • Hard Wood, Cork, and Laminate Flooring
  • We have 20 Yoga mats, additional movement equipment such as blocks, balls, bands, blankets, etc.
  • Anatomical Models and Posters
  • Massage Table
  • Essencial Oils
  • Crystals
  • Photography/Video Lights
  • Piano
  • Stage for two performers
  • Bose Speakers
  • Turn Table
  • 4 channel mixer
  • 12-16 chairs
  • Several Tables
  • Tea Service
  • Mirrors
  • Various lighting options from office to meditation

Weekly Mind/Body Sessions

Mondays 5pm – Continuous movement class. Wake up every part of your body, build endurance, and enliven your system.

Mondays 6:30pm – Qi Gong Breath and Meditation Session for Balance.

Wednesdays 5pm – Slower paced exploration of targeted body parts each week.

Wednesdays 6:30pm – Continuous movement class. Wake up every part of your body, build endurance, and enliven your system.

DanceMode Movement Studios Rental Fee Schedule

    • Consistent Prime-Time Rental* (6pm-10pm, Mon-Fri) $20 per hour
    • Consistent Day-Time Group Rental* (5am-6pm, Mon -Fri) $15 per hour 
    • Consistent Day-Time Private Lesson/Practice Rental* (5am-6pm, Mon -Fri) $12 per hour, 10/ month for $100
    • Drop-in Prime-Time (6pm-10pm, Mon-Fri)/Weekend (Sat-Sun) Private Lesson/Practice Rental $15 per hour, 10/ month for $100, subject to availability
    • Consistent Weekend Rental** (Sat-Sun) $22 per hour, 10/month for $200
    • One-Time Workshop/Weekend Rental*** (Sat-Sun) $25 per hour
    • One-Time Prime**** (6pm-10pm, Mon-Fri) $25 per hour
    • One-Time Day-Time**** (5am-6pm, Mon -Fri) $15 per hour 
  • Private Lesson/Practice is defined as an individual or pair of artists developing or practicing on their own. or an individual or pair of teachers working with an individual or pair of students in a Private Lesson.
  • Consistent rentals must be paid 1st of each month. 2 – 4 weeks notice is required to cancel scheduled events and avoid charges.


  • * Defined as a minimum of 2 consistent day & time uses, at least 2 weeks per month

    **Defined as at least one use per month at any consistent time on a Saturday/Sunday [Note: consistent wknd renters subject to displacement from their timeslot w/ at least 2 wks notice, not to exceed one occurrence per month]

    ***Returning workshop hosts may receive priority and potential discounted rates

    ****Subject to management availability and generally only available to renters with a prior rental history at DanceMode