DanceMode Movement Studios

Community Arts and Healing Spaces

Oak Street Building, 232 SE Oak St., Portland, OR

Star Studio 404 & Ground Studio 104

About the spaces

DanceMode Movement Studios offers a wide variety of movement and educational classes, as well as affordable spaces for artists and movers to explore and express in.  Connect Mind-Body-Spirit in spaces that offer a haven from the bustling world around to delve within, to be.

Our spaces are available for solo and small group work and events. 1-25 people is ideal in the spaces, possibly more for a concert, dance, or practica.

Great for Movement, Photography, Videography, Body Work, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts, Concerts, Educational Classes, Acting, etc.

Contact Brenda Russell 503-998-7417 (text preferred), or at

Sliding scale and usage based rates from $10-50 per hour.

Studio Specs

  • Hard Wood and Laminate Flooring
  • We have 20 Yoga mats, additional movement equipment such as blocks, balls, bands, etc.
  • Anatomical Models and Posters
  • Massage Table
  • Essencial Oils
  • Crystals
  • Photography/Video Lights
  • Piano
  • Stage for two performers
  • Bose Speakers
  • Turn Tables
  • 2 Microphone Stands
  • 4 channel mixer
  • 12-16 chairs
  • Several Tables
  • Tea Service
  • Mirrors
  • Various lighting options from office to disco and everything in between

Weekly Mind/Body Sessions

Mondays 5pm – Continuous movement class. Wake up every part of your body, build endurance, and enliven your system.

Mondays 6:30pm – Qi Gong Breath and Meditation Session for Balance.

Wednesdays 5pm – Slower paced exploration of targeted body parts each week.

Wednesdays 6:30pm – Continuous movement class. Wake up every part of your body, build endurance, and enliven your system.

DanceMode Movement Studios Rental Fee Schedule

  • Consistent Prime-Time Rental* (5pm-Midnight Mon-Fri) $20 per hour
  • Consistent Day-Time Group Rental* $15 per hour (5am-5pm, Mon -Fri)
  • Consistent Day-Time Private Rental* (5am-5pm, Mon -Fri) $12 per hour, 10/ month for $100
  • Consistent Weekend Rental** $22 per hour, 10/month for $200
  • One-Time Workshop/Weekend Rental*** $25 per hour
  • One-Time Prime**** $25 per hour
  • One-Time Day-Time**** $15 per hour

*Defined as a minimum of 2 consistantly day & timed uses at least 2 weeks per month

**Defined as at least one use per month at any consistant time on a Saturday/Sunday [Note: consistent wknd renters subject to displacement from their timeslot w/ at least 2 wks notice, not to exceed one occurrence per month]

***Returning workshop hosts will may receive priority and potential discounted rates

****Subject to management availability and generally only available to renters with a prior rental history at DanceMode