Portland, Oregon
2 Day Intensive Mini Cosmos
Sept. 15th-16th


This 2-day intensive “Mini-COSMOS” will touch on the entire practice tradition of MogaDao including MogaDao Yoga, MogaDao Qigong, Empty Sky Meditation, the Heartmind Warrior Training Program, MogaDao Gongfu, and the Depth Sexology and the Erotic Basis of Being Programs.

A celebration of the crystallization of the MogaDao practice tradition, laid down in Portland many years ago while Zhen Dao had a school of some of the Daoist arts that have evolved into MogaDao,this compact COSMOS will introduce the MogaDao work to Portland, in all its contemporary crystallization, and serve also to support and inspire the MogaDao teachers in Portland, and their students.

Sign in 1:30pm
Workshop 2:00pm- 9:00pm


Hosted by Dancemode
at Vitalidad Movement Arts Center
116 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97214

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