Earn Training Credit – Referral Program

We know that many of you who have attended our past events (Camp Blues, Maven/Man Trainings, and DanceMode Trainings) return for multiple experiences.  To show our appreciation for all the hard work you put into your own growth and the community, we are introducing the DanceMode referral program so you can:

  • strengthen & invigorate the dancing in your local scene
  • share the benefits with others
  • earn credit to discount your future training

Now you can reach out to the people in your community who have that spark, fire, curiosity and desire for a rich experience.  Recommend someone to their first DanceMode Immersion Experience (training, Camp Blues, retreat) and receive one half day discount for each referral for your next immersion experience.

For full credit:

  • 10 referrals = free 5 day experience
  • 8 referrals = free 4 day experience
  • 6 referrals = free 3 day experience
  • 4 referrals = free 2 day experience

For partial credit: If your credit doesn’t cover the whole event, you can use the referrals to get a discounted rate. Here’s a calculation example: for a 4-day camp that costs $480, each half-day costs 480/8=$60. So if you refer three people, you get 3 half-days for free, which means 3*60=$180 off!

To refer someone, simply have them enter your name and email address into their registration form. Your discount is available to you once they complete their event, and valid for 18 months.