As a student and as a teacher, I’ve been involved in dance communities for many years. I’ve traveled all over and talked to thousands of people, and I see the same themes come up in dance communities everywhere I go. Scenes can be lead-heavy, or follow-heavy, or have a certain type of leadership, or lack of leadership, and the same kinds of issues will come up again and again.

When people have dance-related thoughts or concerns or questions, they will often want to talk to me about it. At classes and workshops and events, sometimes I can hardly dance because I’m standing there answering questions. At a closing session for a dance camp, ten topics will come up that could each take a week to discuss!  I also spend a ton of time online answering questions by email. I think there are many other people who would like to talk with me, but they are afraid of taking up my time.

So I’ve decided to start this blog in the interest of efficiency! This is where I hope to bring up the questions and issues I hear over and over again, to get the thoughts out there, start the discussions and contribute to healing these issues from the perspective of my experience.

We get into dancing for so many reasons. We show up looking for a sense of belonging, a feeling of importance. We get addicted to it because of one moment, one amazing experience, and we keep coming back hoping to find it again. Dance can be joyful, freeing, and fun. We go out seeking a safe place where we can be ourselves, where we can move and breathe and heal.

But I see a lot of people going out only to give, or only to get, or in confusion, without any awareness at all. People in terror, not knowing what’s going to happen, afraid of not being accepted, of not knowing how things should be done. People are carrying these heavy burdens and being held back. It makes me really sad to think that there is so much anxiety and fear and strife around our dancing.

So I hope you will join me on this journey. I’d love to hear from you! What are the important questions and concerns in YOUR dance community?