Video Series Lessons with Brenda Jean Russell

Whether you’re looking to brush up on the fundamentals, or start of on a strong footing in a new dance style, our video series are a great, guided way to work on the quality of your movement at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

Offered through Vimeo, subscriptions are available in the following techniques and styles starting at just $20.

Dance Fundamentals

Brenda offers a series of fundamental drills designed to improve balance and movement quality for dancers as well as moving through the alignments and applying it to partner dance.

$20 subscription on Vimeo.

Jazz Basics Series

Brenda digs deep into the fundamental vocabulary of Jazz dance moves, including the scissor step, falling off the log, four corners, apple jacks, boogie forward, fishtail and Shorty George.

$25 subscription on Vimeo.

Willie Desatoff Balboa Series

Brenda breaks down the fundamentals of Balboa as taught to her by dance pioneer and Balboa master Willie Desatoff.

$25 subscription on Vimeo.

Qi Gong Warmups

A series of warmups based on QiGong and Chinese medicine principals designed to build brain/ body connection and awareness. A perfect complement to increase the efficiency of any movement or dance training.

$20 subscription on Vimeo.